Injury stricken Manchester United are rumoured to be appraoching the out of contract (or unemployed) Sol Campbell.

United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has only one first team defender available at present and has resorted to playing numerous players out of position (albeit successfully) to fill the gap. Although this cannot carry on long term.

Ex England Sol Campbell possesses a wealth of talent and would more than confidently fill the gap.

Being unemployed at the moment, plus the chance to play for Man United, if there is any truth in it I am sure Sol will jump at the chance.

Manchester United could benefit from putting him on a fixed term contract (say 6 months) then when injury free they can thank him and part ways with no nasty termination payments.

Michael Owen was out of contract, and look at what a sensational (and inexpensive) choice that was by Manchester United.

Obviously a “Win Win” situation for Man United & the unemployed Sol Campbell

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  1. If you take a player on loan, for example Jo at Everton, are they on fixed term contracts? We are stuck with him, sorry, are delighted to be employing him until the end of the 09/10 season but I just wonder whether you can cancel the agreement for say, oh I don’t know, poor performance????

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