moneyApril is not the only month when legislative changes are introduced – employers and employees should be aware of the following changes, which were implemented on 1st October 2016:

  • National Minimum Wage– the standard adult rate for workers aged 21 and over increased to £6.95, the development rate for those aged 18-20 to £5.55, the young workers’ rate for those aged 16-17 to £4.00, and the apprentice rate to £3.40.
  • It was expected that a cap on exit payments for public sector workers was  to be introduced before 1st October, however the regulations have not yet been finalised.  Plans for further curbs and restrictions on the biggest salaries in the sector, were announced in September.

Please contact Katharine Kelly on 0151 239 1079 or if you require further information/advice in respect of the above changes.

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