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Newsletter – redefining unreasonable behaviour at an employment tribunal

Judges and juries in criminal trials sometimes need police protection. However those taking part in employment tribunal cases don’t generally expect to face physical violence so spare a thought for former solicitor Russell Hardwick. He retired a few weeks ago after a long stint as an Employment Judge no doubt expecting some peace and quiet.…

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Newsletter – fit notes – employers beware!

As previously reported in our blog a website is offering fake new-style Med 3s which include a ‘Statement of Fitness for Work’. The web-site charges £9.99 – and it’s “buy one and get one free”. The website concerned (http://www.doctorsnotestore.com) says it provides “Guaranteed 48 hour delivery of authentic looking replica doctors sick note or medical…

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Newsletter – circumventing statutory compensation limits

Mr Edwards was a consultant surgeon working for the Chesterfield NHS Trust. He was dismissed for gross misconduct and subsequently was unable to find employment within the NHS. Rather than claiming unfair dismissal at an employment tribunal, where compensation is limited by statute (currently to an absolute maximum of £76,700), he brought a breach of…

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