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There have been calls for the resignation of the Chief Executive of Eurostar. To me, they seem misplaced. Yes, he’s the head and public face of an organisation that has failed about a hundred thousand people at a very important time, but, if he goes, what good would that do and who would take his…

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If you’re a subscriber you may have noticed a few changes in the appearance of the site. One of the particular characteristics of CLB Business Solutions and CLB Employment Solutions is that we look after the website ourselves rather than using a web company so we have full control. I’m currently undertaking a “makeover” of…

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BIS Guide to avoiding discipline and grievance issues at work

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills has, in conjunction with the Chartered Intitute of Personnel Development and ACAS, produced a new guide outlining procedures for dealing with discipline, dismissal and grievance procedures. The guide can be downloaded here. Although the ACAS Guide should still be the primary point of reference (since this is the…

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